Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts
Learn, Work, Share, Stay


House of Arts & Crafts offers creative courses on a high level in the area of working with leather, making & designing shoes and bags, sculpting, painting, needlework, drawing, ceramics and more. We work with an excellent team of teachers. All of them make art and handicrafts themselves and find it important to share their knowlegde.

We work in small groups. Everyone gets the personal attention they deserve. Within the courses it is possible to establish personal goals. The duration of our courses vary from one day to one year.


Mixedmedia                                      Karin van de Kerkhove

BabyShoes                                              Timmy Toes & Friends

Art Clay Silver                                      Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts 

Ceramic Lights                                   Sanne Rietvelt

Cermic Relief                                      Sanne Rietvelt

Leather Bracelet                                     Jouw stoute schoenen


Basic Courses

Leather sandal                                    Jouw stoute schoenen

Leather shoe                                      Jouw stoute schoenen

Leather bag                                            Jouw stoute schoenen

Ceramic                                            Sanne Rietvelt                                    

Sewing/pattern making                   Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts

Advanced Courses

Year course shoe                                Jouw stoute schoenen

Year Course bag                                 Jouw stoute schoenen

Good Year Sewing Hand                   Jouw stoute schoenen

Shoe design free style                         Jouw stoute schoenen