Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts
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Basic/advanced sewing

Start: Wednesday November 2nd 

Time: 19.30-21.30

Cost: € 156 

During this course you will learn different (basic) techniques that are essential for sewing, editing and designing your own clothes, bags and other textile objects. There will be dealt with stitching straight, editing and using patterns and inserting zippers. In six classes we will explain the basic techniques and help you to make your own garment. You can bring a pattern or choose one from the ones that are available here in the atelier. Can you sew already, but constantly face the same technical trouble? Than this evening is also suitable for you, as we will guide you in solving the specific problems you are dealing with. 
The course is given in the spacious atelier of the Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts. Sewing-machines, a lock machine, leather-machines and cutting tables are present. This will also give you an impression of how it is to work in a professional atelier. If you wish to continue sewing and designing after this course, you are able to buy extra classes in which you can continue to work on your ideas while receiving guidance. 
A vast selection of patterns is available at or in magazines like De Knip and Burda. Beautiful textiles are obtainable at different textile shops and markets in Amsterdam.
The course includes basic materials like pattern paper and test cotton, the eventual 
textiles and haberdashery are your own responsibility.

Start: Wednesday November 2nd 2016 

Time: 19.30-21.30