Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts
Learn, Work, Share, Stay



Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts rents out her divers spaces to different creative enterpreneurs. You can find Jouw Stoute Schoenen, Postelein & co., Intelli towel, Timmy Toes & Friends Babyshoes  and the Zeewierwinkel (seaweedstore) under our roof among others. The workspaces are divided in workbenches in a shared galery space, atelier workspace and different bigger rooms that are used for workshops, meetings, courses, events, exhibitions and more. It is possible to rent for a longer period of time of just for a couple of hours or a weekend.


Available: 2 full time workbenches 

Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts offers entrepreneurs, artists and companies flexible workspace in the form of workbenches. These workbenches are situated in the beautiful shared space of Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts. The workbenches come with wifi, cabinet and light, chair and desk.

You can use the coffeecorner, work in the garden in the summer and get creative in the atelier.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities? Fill in the contact form or come visit us to see if you can work with us.



At the atelier different entrepreneurs, companies and artist work at creating and designing bags, shoes, leatherwear, ceramics, art and more. When you are looking for sewingmachines, leather skiving machines, a pneumatic press, sandingmachine or big cuttingtables don't look any further.

It is possible to rent your own space within the big atelier, or buy an workvoucher for 20/40 hours free work. Just need to press leather? It is also possible to rent the machines per hour.



Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts rents out her spaces to creative entrepreneurs, artists and companies who are looking to work or organize their activities in a creative atmosphere. It is possible to organise meetings, creative workshops or other activities, rent the space per hour, day(s) or even weeks. The prices vary depending on the availability and activities (commercial/social/arts).