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Exhibition 18 - 30 October 2016 Lego Lima Verbinding

During the 'Maand van de Grafiek' Lego Lima and friends will host a beautiful exhibition at Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts. 

The Brazilian-Dutch visual artist/ print maker Lego Lima ‘connects’ Dutch and Brazilian printmaking. Both countries have a rich tradition of printmaking. Combining the two is a guarantee for a beautiful and an intriguing exhibition.

Together with the Brazilian visual artist/curator Armando Sobral the works of Alexandre Sequeira, Elaine Arruda, Pablo Mufarrej, Veronique Isabelle, Hanna de Haan, Emmy Dijkstra, Mariken Oltheten, Hilda Boer, Joyce Ennik and others will be exhibited in several spaces in Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts.

At the exhibition you can watch several documentaries about Brazilian art and forms of print making. There are also meet & greets with the artists. Please check for more information (in Dutch). 

Opening hours: 11.00 -17.00 and on appointment