Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts
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Painting workshop

Every wednesday evening you are welcome for a sketching/painting session at the House of Arts & Crafts Amsterdam. We'll learn some fundamental drawing and painting methods together. As a result, it's suitable for absolute beginners too.

Every week there is a theme that is used to make your creativity come to life. You'll be given print copies of sources and asked to paint them using this particular tecnique.

Join us to find and wake yo the artist that is within you.

Price:  € 20

Time: 19:00- 20:30

Join: send us an email

Materials can be purchased (one time buy) or bring your own.

What you will need: Pencils, Acrylics, Brushes, Paper/sketchbook

Materials can be offered at the price of €𝟮𝟮 and you will receive a whole set of art supplies (including brushes, palettes, paints, and more) that will be yours to keep forever.

The art sessions are hosted by Chrystalla Tsiamparta.

Instagram : chrystallatsiamparta
Facebook : Chrystalla Tsiamparta