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Summercourse shoemaking

This summer you can join our 6 day intensive summercourse Shoemaking. In six days we will teach you to make your unique pair of shoes. Your design, you choices, your ideas. You can make the shoes you always wanted to have. At our workshop you have all the machines and tools at your disposal to make your first pair of Shoes.

Have you always dreamed of making your own shoes but you are busy all week? Than the summercourse is precisely what you need this summer. We will teach you how to make the patterns, work the leather, cut, sew, stitch, skive, make the insole, sand the sole and make your own heels.

During this course you can explore a beautifull craft. You can register via

After registration you can come by the atelier where we take your footprint and we choose the last you would like to use. Or if you are from abroard you make your own footprint, give us specifications on the last and we will order them for you. 

Price: 1495 euro

Time: 9:30-17:30

Dates: Monday 6 - Saturday 11 August + Monday 20 + Saturday 25 August 2018

Location: Oudeschans 21 - Amsterdam

The price is including a pair of lasts, the parts of the shoe, use of machines and tools. Excluding leather.