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Shoe design Free Style

Shoemaking the traditional way means you decide the look and design of the shoe before you start. You make patterns and stick to them. But this can stifle creativity. It means working with fabric, leather and sewing the parts together. There is not much room for surprise, and wondering what can be. Shoe design Free Style is working with materials that are unusual and different. It can also mean working with the characteristics of the materials you want to use. It is like moulage on a last. We work with a shoemodel that fits your initial idea. This can mean we make a innershoe, or just an insole. We work with a last, because we still make a shoe. Though comfort is probably overrated when it comes to design, we still make wearable shoes. Free style shoedesign is an advanced footwear course, for (fashin)designers, students, shoemakers and shoedesigners.