Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts
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Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts is the center for creative entrepreneurship and handicrafts in the heart of Amsterdam. An inspiring place to learn, create, work and share. Love for the creation, handicraft and simple details are central here. In a beautiful atelier shoes and bags are created. In the gallery art and objects manifested out of handicraft are shown. In the open space in the gallery, garden, atelier and numerous smaller rooms (mental and physical) creativity and amazement thrive. Work transforms into play, and life into experience and creation.

Creative entrepreneurship

Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts hosts a range of activities. The different spaces are and can be used for courses, exhibitions, working, lectures and more. Housed in a beautiful building, Amsterdam House of Arts & crafts offers an inspiring and lively setting. Several creative entrepreneurs and artists have their residency in different parts of the building.

Esther van Schagen, shoedesigner and entrepreneur, the initiator of Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts believes strongly in the sharing of ideas and creativity.

"Together we can make this world a little more creative."  

Arts & Crafts movement

The name Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts is associated to the Arts & Crafts movement. This art genre started in England at the end of the 19th century, and took a stand against the Industrial revolution and mass production.

Humans and their handicrafts should be central in society again, whereby art is an expression of enjoying work. The Industrial mass production would alienate people from their own creativity. In Germany the movement gave birth to Jugendstill and in France to Art Nouveau. In the Netherlands Berlage was a follower of the Arts & Crafts movement.


Handicraft of the Future

Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts aims to combine handicraft and modern technology. Thorough knowledge of established techniques and products is united with curiosity for unused forms and materials. Thinking of innovative solutions to challenges of present and future, expressing creativity in new ways, based on a belief in the mutual reinforcement of handiwork and innovation. In sum the Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts is the ideal place for every individual that wishes to manifest a desire to create. It makes Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts a wonderful place to learn, work, share or stay.