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Leather sandal

During a three day course you will design and make your own summer-sandal. During this short course you will learn how to design your own sandal, make patterns, cut and skive leather, stitch leather, sand and finish. After three days you will leave the atelier wearing truly unique sandals, custom made and designed by YOU.

This unique course is hosted in Ducth and English by mastershoesmaker Esther van Schagen. In three days you learn how to assemble your own unique handmade summer-sandal. You learn the basics of pattern making. You learn how to work with leather and different materials to create your own personal perfect fit sandal.

During the course there is time to create your own leather by cutting, punching, drawing, stitching and many more techniques. You can even work with swarovski crystals or even gold leaf (you can buy these at the atelier). 

Price: 479 euro

Time: 10:00-15:30

Dates: 9-10-11 Augustus 2018 + 23-24-25 August 2018

Location: Oudeschans 21 - Amsterdam

Included in the price of the workshop are materials for the sole, use of tools and machines, coffee/tea. Excluding leather and haberdashery.