Birthday party making beads with fimo clay

How about making a necklace with your own beads. How cool is that. We have the materials you need to make the nicest beads there are. With simple how to make notes we help you design the nicest beads. We offer you a supergezellige birthday party with lovely result.

All the materials are included in the price. You can drink lemonade all you want and we offer a nice snack in between. Feel free to take your own pie, we have the plates and cutlery.

We begin with choosing the colors of the beads we will be making. We offer samples and how tos of the beads you can make, but you can also make your own design.

We will have nice music in the background while we work.

While the beads are baked in the oven, we will decorate a nice storage box for the beads/necklace and have a snack. We close with a birthday picture.  


Duration: 2,5 hours

Price: from 17,50

Max 12 children

Including material, lemonade and snack

Location: Oudeschans 21, Atelier Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts