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Screenprinting on leather

During the workshop screenprinting hosted by Jouw stoute schoenen you will learn how to make a beautifull screenprint on leather. Screenprinting is a relative easy tecnique to transfer a picture or drawing onto a flat service. We do not use chemicals to transfer the images. 

The screenprinting on leather workshops teaches you easy techniques to transfer an image or images onto a flat surface, in our case leather. There is room for experiment and your personal drawings and prints will form under your eyes. During the workshop we first make some testruns on fabric to finish with a beautiful print on leather.

This workshop is perfect for everybody who wants to work with leather but would like to add a personal touch. You do not need experience. 

You can register for the screenprinting workshop via

Price: 179 euro

Time: 10:00-15:30

Dates: Tuesday 18 September 2018 + Saturday 20 October 2018

Location: Oudeschans 21 - Amsterdam

Included in het price of the workshop is a piece of leather, paint, frames, coffee/tea, lunch