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Exhibition & workshops

Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts is proud of the exhibitions that are hosted here by diverse artists and craftsmen. Are you looking to exhibite your artwork please contact us. 


Exhibition rooms


At the moment we have no exhibitions planned for 2020.


Open ateliers Nieuwmarkt

June 12-13

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Proud to present


DIY expo 2016

LIGHT & Moon

Exhibition rooms

Light RoomLight room

Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts rents out two beautiful spaces for  exhibtions.

The exhibtion spaces are light, big and perfectly situated on the ground floor of Oudeschans 21.

Light room is the first exhibition room of Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts. It has two rooflights and double doors to the garden.

Light room can be used for exhibition, workshops, meetings etc.

Moon roomMoon room

Our Moon room is connected to the Light room by a sliding door. It is a perfect second room for your exhibition.

Both our the Light & Moon room have a means to hang your artwork. Chairs / tables / plants are optional and can be removed.

Interested in renting the Light room and/or the Moonroom? Please contact us.

Oudeschans 21


Exhibition prior to corona!Exhibition prior to Corona
Creative workshop in Light roomCreative workshop in Light room