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Break to make


New mosaïcs course

Making something new, by breaking something that is not broken. Sounds like a silly idea and yet. 

Mosaïcs is as old as Masopotamia and a beautiful way to make sustainable art works, from garden paths, artobjects, wall decorations and park benches. 

You find beautiful examples in churches, in ancient Roman bath houses, and in artworks troughout the whole world like close to us at the Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam. 

Wouldn't it be nice to break some and make some yourself. Now you can. Join our Mosaïcs course .

If you have questions, please feel free to drop us a line. 

Hello world

Let's get creative together

We'd love to see you make some amazing ART


10 weeks


TIme: 9:30-12:00

Dates: 19/9 - 26/9 - 3/10 - 10/10 - 17/10 - 24/10 - 31/10 - 7/10 -14/11 - 21/11



Time: 19:30-22:oo

Dates: 21/9 - 28/9 - 4/10 - 11/10 - 19/10 - 26/10 - 2/11 - 9/11 - 16/11 - 23/11


Price: € 420,-

Including basic tiles, use of tools, wooden surface to mosaïc (bowl, vase, flat)

Fall 2023


join our mosaïcs course


During the Mosaïcs course you will make your own art work on a wooden shape. You will make the design, choose the colors and start chipping away.

We start with tiles, in a diverse range of colors.

But Mosaïcs can also be done with other materials. If you are up for experimenting you are at the right adress, why stop at tiles when you can use a variety of different materials, like eggshells, bottle caps, shells, coins, marbles, wood etcetera. 


During the workshop we will give you tips & tricks on what to do and what to avoid.

Some color combinations work great together others give a dull effect. 

And what about the grout. We teach you how to appy the grout but also how to color your grout. Sometimes you want something more vibrant than white, black or grey. 

During the course you learn how to get the amazing result you are looking for.


Making Mosaïcs is addictive and a very meditative activity. It leads to amazing results that will surprise your friends and family.

During this course you will discover if you are a true mosaïcs artist or just want to do it for fun. 

At the end of each course you will be able to showcase (and maybe even sell) your work during a student exhibition.