We offer creative eventspace and creative classes in our inspiring space in the heart of Amsterdam

Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts is a co working space for creatives, where we work, create, exhibite, teach, coach and have fun. We are a group of individual creative enterpreneurs from architects to shoemakers to marketing specialists.We rent out our different spaces for creative events, workshop and exhibitions. We also offer a variety of creative workshops from photography, sneakermaking, acrylic pouring, clay, beading and more. The Light Room is our impressive exhibition space featuring raw concrete walls and high ceiling.

The different spaces are used for courses, exhibitions, working, meetings and more.

Housed in a beautiful building, Amsterdam House of Arts & crafts offers an inspiring, creative and lively setting.

Several creative entrepreneurs and artists have their residency in different parts of the building.

Esther van Schagen, shoedesigner and entrepreneur, the initiator of Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts believes strongly in the sharing of ideas and creativity.

The building was originally designed and used as market storage for the second hand market that was placed on the Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat.

Our building connects Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 46 and Oudeschans 21.

The central space is our atelier. The different spaces are placed around it.

The workdesks are situated in the beautiful office space with view of the Montelbaanstoren at the Oudeschans.

Light room

Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts aims to combine work and play, creation and desire to manifest, learn and share, and gives a base to all that feel comfortable here.

In sum the Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts is a co working space for creators & creatives and the ideal place for every individual that wishes to manifest a desire to share, create, visit, learn and grow.

It makes Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts a wonderful place to work and stay.

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