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"This is where the magic happens"


Shared workspace for creative


Light room

Perfect for exhibitions, creative

workshops, photostudio

and events

Workshop room

Classroom where we host our

courses and workshops

Earth room

Our grounded coaching room

Office space

Our office space is spacious and

faces the Montelbaans toren

Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts offers creative workspace to artists and entrepreneurs who are looking for a creative atmosphere to host their events, exhibitions or workspace.

In the shared atelier we design and make shoes, leather handbags, lampshades and fashion items.

In the workshop room we offer creative workshops - from beading to paint pouring.

THe office space is located on Oudeschans 21 and is facing the Montelbaanstoren. It is beautifully furnished shared office space.

Our coaching room Earth is located on Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 46.

The sewing room offers sewing classes, and space for printing fabrics, embroidery and more.

Are you looking for a creative space to host your event? Are you looking for a space to host your workshop? Would you like to show your artwork in our exhibition space? Or do you just need an awesome space to work and create in?


here we design, create and make

verlicht feestje
verlicht met mensen
verlicht proost
verlicht studio
2015-06-08 14.33.10_RC_lo


For events, exhibitions, workshops and more.

Our creative event space is called the Lightroom. It can be hired for creative events, exhibitions and meetings.

With two rooftop lights it fits the name. The Lightroom has an industrial look and feel, perfect for exhibitions, as a back drop for pictures and any event that needs that little extra umph.

Workshop room

For creative workshops and courses

Our Workshop room is used for creative workshops and courses - clay - painting - acrylic pouring and mosaïcs.

The Workshop room is used in the mornings and evenings for courses hosted by Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts.

Afternoons and weekends it is used for creative company outings and creative workshops for groups. 

boetseren in workshop ruimte
workshop ruimte
nieuwe naam 2
Earth room chairs
Earth room

Earth room

For coaching, breathwork and massage.

The Earth room earns it name by the atmosphere of the room. With a nice grounded vibe, it is the ultimate coaching room for getting to the bottom of things.

The quiet ambiance does not distract but offers a calm and soothing quality.

The Earth room is available for rent. 

Office Space

Flexible workdesks 

Our office space is located on the Oudeschans 21 and faces the Montelbaanstoren. The room offers flexible workdesks for anyone who is looking for a quiet workspace in the heart of Amsterdam.

You will share the office space with creative enterpreurs who would love to get to know you. Are you tired of sitting home alone? Need a creative space to work? Come rent with us.

kantoor ruimte


Where else! Amsterdam city center is the center of our universe and offers us a playground where we can develop, create, design and make in the midst of a creative atmosphere of possibilities.

So close to the Red Light district, Chinese Area, many squares, restaurants and foods form all over the world and lively streets. With creative people, museums, botanical gardens, galleries and shops just around the corner. 


Making art, creating, experimenting, sharing, learning from each other and having fun in the process. That describes Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts. Here we create, build and dream.

This is the place where you can feel at home trying, learning, failing and starting over, creating art and feel alive. Share your art with us. Learn with us. 

We welcome you and love to see what you bring to the table.


Using modern techniques to make our ideas real. Using our hands and minds to see what is possible.

Using old techniques and mix them with new.

This is the craft we make. We work with materials we respect and love.  Recycle where we can, and make new what is worn. 

Here we learn, teach, play and work.


We're here to help

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