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Handsculpting clay

Get your hands active and create magic

Clay handsculpting

New handculpting clay

What do you want to make? And how do you go about it?

Clay is a great material that we can work with in endless ways. It's up to you to go wild and create interesting objects. This can be either objects or Things or Art with a capital A. Let's get started!

In this course you can brainstorm, sketch, design, test, and execute. Or you can play, play, play.

In the course we will mainly create work, but will also touch upon the creative process and techniques. We discuss some details classically; but guidance and process are largely individual. Each participant is given the space for their own way of working.

If you have questions, please feel free to drop us a line. 

Hello world

Roxane van Beek

Roxane van Beek works as an independent artist with a focus on ceramics. She also works as an illustrator and graphic designer. Originally trained as a Japanologist, she finds a lot of inspiration in the art and cultures of Japan and other Asian countries.

In her work Roxane is searching both for human mysticism, the rituals and mysteries that are such a part of our lives – as well as for a delightful banality we often end up with.

In this way she also seeks out the tension between objects and art; when is it just a Thing, and when does a Thing take on a life of its own?

As a teacher, she likes to encourage her students: create space for yourself to explore and play. The works that arise from experimenting will automatically form a series, which will provide you with information for the next experiments!


Wednesday night

TIme: 19:30-22:00

Continuous schedule. You are welcome to start your creative journey at any Wednesday in the year. We host the classes every Wednesday evening and as long

as we have spots available you are welcome to join. This continuous schedule

means that you buy a package of classes and take them at your convenience.

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1. We offer classes every week:


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Start your creative journey with us.

Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts offers you the possibility to start your creative journey at your own time and pace. You choose how many classes you buy in a package and schedule them around your own agenda.

We are all busy people that sometimes want to go on holliday, have business duties or other engagements which sometimes makes it hard to attend the classes every week. 

This is why you can choose a package with a number of classes which is valid for one year. We offer package of  six, twelve or eighteen classes. When you start with your creative course you let the teacher know when you will attend the classes. This way you can be as flexible as you need to be.

And we also know when we will see you. Even with six lessons you will be able to start your creative journey. And if you want to go all in, with eighteen lessons in a year you are also more than welcome.


6 Classes

Price: € 255,-

This option is perfect for busy people who travel a lot or just want experience a creative evening now and again to get their hands dirty and their mind free of thought and be in the moment Take six lessons and fit this creative course in your busy schedule this year and feel the thrill of making a sculpture by hand.        


12 Classes + 1 for free

Price: € 510,-

This option is perfect for you when you know your busy schedule is prohibiting you from joining every week but you do want to have a place to go and be creative more often this year.  Sign up for our medium package of 12 classes and get 1 extra class for free! Lets meet and be creative.


18 classes + 2 for free

Price: € 765,-

Ok you are all in. This option is perfect for you when you want to immerse yourself in this new creative endeavor. Nothing stands in your way to go all in. Sign up f0r the large package and give yourself a creative outlet, the gift of creativity and a new creative beginning. Buy 18 classes and get 2 extra classes for free!


"this is how we do it"


The teacher will help give you the language and insight to better understand the type of work you want to make. It's always a good idea to document your inspirations and notice your challenges. This way you can also discover your own style as a maker in the course.

Bring a sketchbook for your clay and ceramic work. In it you keep track of inspiring things, you note your drawings and design sketches, and your notes from your process: what clay you used, and what coloring.


Shaping the idea in your head or heart; the process of sculpting, drying, coloring, and firing.

A variation of color applications: engobes, underglazes, and glazes. 

Is the handbuilding course something for you?
Whether you have never worked with clay, or have plenty of experience as a sculptor, you can participate in this course. Each participant has their own personal ongoing dialogue with the teacher – although it is enjoyable to hear bits of each other's conversations!


In our working space we have tables to work at, a station to prepare clay, a slab roller, a variety of tools, banding wheels, and a kiln.

Different types of clay and glaze are present and can be used during the course. For the use of the various materials and tools during the course, we ask for a contribution per block, which is included in the course fee.

The work you accomplish is fired in the kiln.

Making a slab

to clay away