Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts

Workshop Room

Painting, Mosaïcs, Clay 

Workshop Room

Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts offers courses and workshops in the spacious and light Workshop Room.

Here we put our hands in the clay, dip the brush in the paint or pour it out of a cup or break some tiles.

The workshop room is also available for creative events hosted by third parties. Are you looking for a room to host your creative workshop? Please contact us about prices and availability


  • Size: 86 sqm
  • Suitable for: creative workshops that may require water
  • Availability: flexible and contract based
  • Features: white walls, connected to the Atelier, enough storage space, light
  • Connected to shared kitchen, shared toilets, hall, atelier
  • Facilities: tables. chairs, whiteboard, storage space, kiln, clay press, sink/water, settling tank

Workshop room

In the Workshop Room we create and make, design and have fun. The space is furnished for workshops & courses painting, ceramics (clay handscultpting) and mosaïcs. It has access to water and a settling tank. With  tables, chairs, aprons, different machines like  a clay press, and clay oven, all the materials and tools for the workshops & courses it is one of our creative rooms. 


Here we host all our courses Clay, Mosaïcs and Painting.

Do you need space to host your workshop or course? Think you are a creative match?

Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts is always looking for new additions to the creative mix. Would you love to host your workshop with us, please drop us a line. We would love to meet you. 



No need to worry about spilling some paint or clay. It is not that we do not clean, but everything in the room has been built to withstand a little hard creative work.

The floor shows the paint stains. And allthough we try to work as clean as possible when we pour some paint during our Paint Pouring Workshops & Courses some might spill on the floor.

Maybe in the future we can create an art project on our floor, kind of like a art work in progress.

When working with the tools and machines present in the workshop room we do ask you to be mindfull about how you use and clean them.

The sink has a settling tank underneath to make sure we collect all the paints, glaze and clay residu so we do not damage the environment. Making sure we have a long life for our tools and machines also helps to reduce waste.

All materials we work with deserve respect. In this way we can make our art more sustainable and pure.