Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts


JUNE 22 &23

The Studio


The Studio is the heart of the building. Here in this beautiful light and spacious room we design, create and make our shoes, bags, lampshades, and clothes.

The Studio is shared by a divers group of creative enrepreneurs who all have their own space and storage. 

It measures 140m2 and offers a range of industrial sewingmachines, workbenches and tools. 

Jouw stoute schoenen offers custummade shoes, bags and leatherware.  They also host a number of interesting and fun courses and workshops where you can learn how to create your own shoedesigns, sneakers or bags. Definitely the go to party for knowledge about shoemaking, patterns and materials.

Studio Encore offers your shoes an encore by re-soling your precious sneakers..

Shades & more Amsterdam makes

the most beautiful lampshades and homeware articles.

Eifelbee makes the cuttest beanies in town. And Slush World creates bags & knitware you absolutely must have.

At the moment we have no personal workspace available. Want to be the first to know if we have space to rent again? Send us an email 

Work at the Studio

We have this fabulous workspace (140m2) in the city center just waiting for you to use it. Work on your own projects in the studio. Buy a stripcard and do it on a more regular basis. Prices start at 15 euros per hour. 

 Use the workbenches and machines that are available. Are you interested in working at the studio? We offer Open Studio every month with introduction to the machines and possibilities at the Studio. Ask us your questions and work at your own projects.


Buy a stripcard and work at the studio on your own projects


"Working at The Studio offers you the chance to work on industrial sewing machines for heavy fabrics and leather.  Use the side wall stitcher and the skiving machine. Start bringing your own projects to life and start creating"

How does it work?

Open studio

Open Studio offers you an opportunity  to ask your questions, get to know the machines and tools and learn about all the possibilities our studio has to offer. And meet likeminded people.

Open Studio is for everyone who is creative and has previous experience with working with machines, leather, fabrics and more. Are you totally new to working with these materials and machines?  Please contact us to talk about your needs and wants or enroll in one of our workshops and courses.


When you have prior experience with working at a studio, or attended a course or workshop/open studio, we offer you the opportunity to work at the studio on your own projects at your own pace. 

With the Stripcard you buy hours to work at the studio, including the use of the (available) machines, workbenches and tools.

Before you can work independently at the studio you have to schedule a tour or join us for a scheduled Open Studio where we show you around and answer all your questions.

Opening hours

The studio is open weekdays from 09:00 to 17:00.

Evenings & weekends 

Included is the use of the machines, cutting tables and tools. 

Asking questions is not prohibited when you work at the studio but if you need assistance with your project, that exceeds the use of the machines and tools, you can hire our expertise for 75 euro per hour.


equipment includes

cutting tables

strap cutter

glue table



The studio of Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts is fully equiped for working with fabrics, leather and more. It is home to Jouw stoute schoenen, shades & more, Slush world and other more infrequent users like Studio Wolfs.

Our fabric sewingmachines are suitable for the finer fabrics, and the overlock will give a nice finished result for your garments. 

The skiving machine will give you the possibility to thin leather. Or you can use a sharp skiving knife and glass plate.

The glue table is where we make sure everything stays where it needs to stay..

Sanding is done in the sanding room; behind our lovely sanding machine that has room for two people to work simultaniously.

You can even polish your leather projects on our polisher. 

The cutting tables allow you to spread your leather or fabric and cut with a knife or scissors.

Or bring your stamps and use the big press for cutting your patterns.

The studio offers different tools for leather stamping, skiving, knitting, handstitching, edgepainting and more.

At extra cost it is possible to use the embroidery machine. (Brother six threads)

And if you want to print your fabric or dye it, let us know so we can set up a day and time for printing/screenprinting/dyeing /batik and more. We will offer more workshops in the future so stay tuned.