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Make your own kimono


Make your own kimono

During this workshop you will choose your fabric and cut and sew your very own kimono.

Learn how to sew your own Kimono during this three hour workshop at Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts. Our professional team will help you to make your own unique garment.

Have fun behind the sewing machine, We will guide you through all the steps.

We have a selection of fabrics from which you can choose.

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Let's get creative together

We love to help you make your own Kimono


3 hours

Twice a month - Lazy Sunday afternoon

Dates: press the sign up button for available dates

Time: 13:00-16:00

Max: 6 participants

Price: € 80,-

Including fabric & materials


We organise two Kimono workshops per month - usually on a sunday. 

If you are interested in a private workshop for a group event please contact us for availability and prices.


lazy sunday workshop


Find out just how many steps you have to take to make a garment from a piece of fabric. From cutting the fabric, to ironing, to pinning and sewing and then doing it all a number of times again.

See your garment develop under your fingertips and enjoy the magic of making your own Kimono.


All the steps in the process you can perform yourself. We help you along when you have questions, but you do the work.

Luckily the sewing machine will do the sewing for you so that part is covered.

See yourself standing in the mirror at the end of the workshop in your own personal unique Kimono. And smile.


It is amazing what you have to do to make a piece of clothing. And you will find out just how satisfiing it is to make your own.

You get to choose the fabric you want to work with, we have a nice selection of fabrics ready and waiting..

Join the workshop and make a Kimono that you will wear with pride.