Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts

Creative and inspiring workshops

Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts offers a variety of creative workshops for both individuals and groups.

Step out of your comfort zone and look for new ways to express your creativity. Our workshops offer you a unique possibility to investigate what you love best.

We offer sneakers, leather bag making, mosaics, acrylic paint pouring, painting, ceramics, handbuilding with clay and sewing workshops. 

Our workshops are all hosted by professional artists and artisans and include the use of materials and machines (unless otherwise stated).


Are you looking for a fun activity for your company outing? Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts offers many short creative workshops to get your crew out of their heads and into their creativity mode.

Get your hands dirty in the clay, dip some paint or make a group mosaïcs art piece to hang on your company walls. 

It is possible at our beautiful atelier in the heart of Amsterdam. Easily accessible and close to many good restaurants in the area. 

Would you like to have a meeting before the workshop? Include lunch or drinks? Please contact us to inquire about the possibilities. 


Are you looking for a creative company outing. Then we have a selection of the best workshops in town. 

Located in the city center easily accessible with public transport and close to all the finest restaurants in (China) Town.

We offer different workshops from painiting, to clay, beading, upcycling and bagmaking. 

We can host up to 30 people in one workshop room. We have three rooms available for workshops, so larger groups are also possible. 

Would you like to add drinks, lunch or meeting to the mix, please contact us and inquire about the possibilities.


Our teachers are all skilled in the art they teach. They love to share their knowledge and love the materials they work with.

Let our expert team show you what you can do in 2 hours. You will be amazed by the results and the fun you had in the process.

We offer workshops where every individual makes an individual product, be it a necklace, mosïac tray or clay object. 

Group art work is also possible. Work with the whole team to make one masterpiece (Mosaïc, Painting or sculpture) to hang or place in your company or home. 


Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts offers regular workshops in the different Arts & Crafts.

Everybody can join in and learn about a new material or technique. Enhance your skillset and learn new ways to express your creativity.

Come alone or bring a friend. 

The regular workshops we offer are:

Paint pouring 


Upcycling Café


See the workshop & course agenda for dates and times.


We offer our custom workhops

Monday - Sunday

starttime between 9:30- 16:30

Because every day is a creative day