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Acrylic Pouring


Acrylic pouring

Workshop paint pouring

The newest painting technique is not only super fun and easy to do it is also totally addictive. Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts offers you the chance to experience this ultimate feeling in the new acrylic pouring workshop.

We have studied and tried, made combinations and failed, tried again and made some stunning art works. Now you have the chance learn what we learned and you can get stunning results in only two and a half hours.

Don't say we didn't

warn you

This new paint pouring technique

is utterly addictive

Don't say we didn't

warn you

This new paint pouring technique

is utterly addictive


2,5 hours

Once a month - check the calender for dates

Time: 19:30-22:00

Max: 6 participants

Price: € 125,-

Including all materials 


We organise one paint pouring workshop per month. If you press the sign up button you will find the dates and times.


If you are interested in a private workshop please contact us for availability and prices.


see the universe emerge under your fingertips

During this acrylic pouring workshop, a creative workshop developed by Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts, you will learn the basic paint pouring techniques.

These basic techniques will let you have stunning results. You can choose the colors, the medium and we will show you what to do.

Our professional team of teachers will guide you through the proces, help you make decisions, show you different possibilities and then let you do your thing.

You start with a small white square canvas.

Together with the teacher you take your first steps, he or she will show you what to do in order to get maximum result.

This allows you to try the technique of acrylic pouring before you start with your actual work of art.

After your first square try, you decide the shape you want to use for your painting. A bigger square, a circle, a rectangle, you decide. If you want to make adjustments to your color palette this is also possible. And then the fun begins again.

The paintings will have to dry for a minimum of 48 hours before you can take it with you.

The colors will become a little duller after drying, at home you can varnish the paintings for a glossy finish.

Chances are you get hooked and you want to do this more than once. Fear not. We have anticipated this.

So not only did we develop a workshop, we also developed a acrylic pouring course.