Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts

Mending Club - 'Repair it and Wear it'

In the heart of our Mending Club workshop, the simple act of repairing clothing transcends the realm of needle and thread; it becomes a powerful statement of sustainability, mindfulness, and community.

As we gather to mend frayed seams and patch worn fabrics, we weave together more than just threads – we mend the very fabric of our values. Each stitch symbolizes a commitment to reducing waste and embracing a more sustainable lifestyle, breathing new life into garments that might have otherwise been discarded.

Beyond the practical skill of sewing, the Mending Club fosters a sense of connection, as participants share stories, tips, and laughter, creating a supportive community that values the art of restoration. In a world often characterized by fast fashion and disposable culture, Our Mending Club stands as a beacon of meaningful change, proving that a single stitch can unravel a tapestry of positive transformation.

What to bring?

Please bring yourself (and maybe a friend) and an object you wish to mend.Small mending projects would be ideal such as changing a button, hemming a pair of pants or skirt, or repairing a rip in your favorite jeans.

What’s included?

We will be supplying you with the basics for mending such as needles, threads and sewing machines and Isabel and Sarah will be on hand to assist you if needed.


Thursday April 11